If you want a lake sign and we don't show it here, we can carve it for you...no problem. Signs come in 5.5" x 2', 7.25" x 4',  7.25" x 6', 9.25 x 5', 9.25 x  6' and 9.25" x 8'.  They come in Black with a natural letters or stained with and Early American stain and finished in poly. You get to choose what you want for graphics on each side of th lake name and whether you want the lake coordinates shown (these options are not avaiable on the 5.5" x 2' signs..sorry..just no big enough!


Our pricing starts at $65 for a two foot sign, $179 for a four foot, $225 for a five foot, $250 for a six foot, and $295 for an eight footer!


If you lake is not listed here, just pop us an email and we can do anything you like!

Please note that depending on the length of the and the lake name chosen some signs will have the word "Lake" added for balance. We we will email you the exact design before shipping the sign. Due to the large number of lake names it is difficult to have all signsin stock but we have "blanks" ready to carve at a moments notice...we have got nothing else to do!

Horizontal Lake Signs